How To Use A Car Scratch Remover Pen For Beginners

car scratch remover pen

You’ve parked in a supermarket car park, you’ve done your weekly food shopping or whatever it is…

And you’ve come back to your car only to find that you’ve got some scratches on your car’s door or wing mirror!

You’re frustrated and you’re annoying, but there’s not much you can do about it right now because you didn’t expect this to happen right?


It’s not a great situation to be in, and even I have found myself in situations like this not knowing exactly what to do next and how to get rid of these scratches on my car.

Luckily for me, my car isn’t on a PCP or HP contract, so I can decide not to fix the car scratches, not to mention, my car is an older car, but yours might not be, and you’ll want to fix these car scratches ASAP!


Because it will likely end up costing you money in the long run when you give your car back to the dealer if your car is on PCP or HP.

Luckily, there are car scratch remover pens available that you can purchase, and they’re not really that expensive either.

What Is A Scratch Remover Pen?

If you’re new here, or have never had to fix a car scratch then you might be wondering what on earth a car scratch remover pen actually is right?

Put simply, a scratch remover pen is exactly what it says on the box!

It’s a pen that contains some fluid, and like that Tipp-Ex that you used to use in school or college, it essentially fills in the scratch and blends the paintwork over the scratch, covering it up and repairing the scratch on the car.

I recommend this car scratch remover pen from car pride, it’s water resistant, quick to use and leaves a professional finish to your car.

There are many other car scratch remover pens available online, but most of them come from unbranded websites or are simply overpriced for what they are.

I’m setting your expectations correctly with these scratch remover pens.

How Do I Use A Car Scratch Remover Pen?

So you’ve purchased the scratch remover pen and are planning on applying it to to the scratch that was left on your car from the supermarket car park right?

You’ll want to do a few things before you use the scratch remover pen on your car’s paintwork otherwise it won’t work to its fullest.

Let’s look at what these are, and how you use the pen:

  1. Firstly, you’re going to want to clean the affected area and make sure it’s thoroughly dry afterwards (use a microfiber cloth to dry your paintwork).
  2. Next, you’ll need to carefully shake the scratch remover pen with the cap left on, make sure to shake it for a good few minutes to get the best results!
  3. Then, prime the applicator pen on a separate surface with the tip of the scratch remover pen pointed down, press and release the spring tip on a surface until the tip is saturated, be patient, it might take 50 to 60 presses for this to happen.
  4. After this, you’ll want to apply to the affected area, work quickly as it’ll cure quickly in the sun, and aim to use in temperatures above 12 degrees celsius.
  5. Finally, allow it to cure, wiping off any excess prior to curing, it may take between 1 hour and 48 hours for it to cure depending on the amount used.

Using a car scratch remover pen shouldn’t be difficult, but I completely understand that if you’re new to this area, it could be a little daunting for some individuals.

You might be scared that you’ll do more damage to your car’s paintwork by using a scratch remover pen, and whilst this could happen it shouldn’t as long as you follow the simple instructions.

Remove Light Scratches From Your Car

A car scratch remover pen not only will fix scratches, it will be ideal for fixing light scratches from your car as well.

I don’t expect you to be purchasing a scratch remover pen to repair scratches from a that has heavy or deep scratches, but certainly for light scratches it will be fine.

Nobody wants to be driving around in a new car with a load of purposely inflicted scratches to their car from a potential member of the public right?

What About White Cars?

So you’ve been reading this blog post, you’re debating whether you should purchase a car scratch remover pen and have doubted it because you’ve got a white car.


I’ve got this covered as well.

If you’re searching for how to remove scratches from a white car then fear no more as a scratch remover pen will work regardless of the car!

Fear Of Everything Going Wrong Trying To Remove Scratches From My Car

If you’ve got a fear that something is going to go wrong whilst trying to remove scratches from your car then fear no more.

Even I tried it using a car scratch remover pen and everything went okay, I was a complete beginner when it came to using a scratch remover pen.

The Best Car Scratch Remover Pen For Beginners – Car Pride Paint Scratch Remover Pen

  • You’ll get quick results.
  • You get 7ml in the pen to use, a large amount.
  • It’s water resistant – it can withstand rain overnight when drying after given enough time to cure initially.
  • And it’ll give you a professional finish 

What I like about this car scratch remover pen is quite simple…

It gets the job done! It might not be the most expensive scratch remover pen on the market, but coming well under £5 makes it really affordable, and if you’re repairing that supermarket car park scratch…

And if you’re a beginner, you need something that will get the job done quickly, and efficiently right?

You don’t have loads of money to spend right?

That’s one of the reasons I’d recommend this as one of the best car scratch remover pens!

Buy our recommended pen