Is Car Window Tinting Worth It?

car window tinting

You’re looking at car window tinting and are struggling to make your mind up right?

Car window tinting not only looks good but can make your car a safer place to be, but it can come at a cost if not done right or if you don’t follow the rules in your country.

I’m going to tell you what you need to know about window tinting and together we’ll find out if window tinting is great for you and your circumstance.

Are you ready?

Is Window Tinting Good For Cars?

As a general rule of thumb, window tinting is a great idea for your car if it’s done correctly. A window tint on your car will not only block out the sun’s UV radiation, but will also provide some privacy to your car.

How many times have you driven down a street and people seem to look into your car?

Or even, how many times have you been walking back to your car from a supermarket only to find that some random stranger has been looking into your fancy car!

You’re not happy, and wished your windows were tinted.

Tinting your car’s windows has pros, and cons:


  • Privacy – it’ll add a layer of privacy to your car making it more difficult for people to snoop on your belongings or the weekly food shop.
  • Security – have you thought about the security side of tinted windows? A potential car thief will love that shiny new bag that you’ve just bought, or those fancy shoes. Tinted windows (if smashed) will hold the window’s glass in place and make it harder to break in!
  • The Looks – tinted windows will look great on your car, not only do some car manufacturers make it an optional extra to tint windows, but some cars don’t even come with this option! You can get them fitted later.


  • Peeling – if your windows aren’t tinted correctly through an aftermarket tint they will start to peel after a while, this can not only look bad, but will cost more to put right.
  • Laws – check the law in your country! Here in the UK, you’re allowed to tint your rear windows as much as you like, but the front windows and windscreen have laws attached.
  • Durability – some aftermarket window tints will need replacing after a few years or in certain climates, make sure you go with a good quality tint.

Despite the pros and cons, you will really feel the benefits of car window tinting and will get a better resale value for your car if and when you decide to sell it on.

How Long Do Tinted Car Windows Last?

Have you ever wondered how long tinted windows will actually last? Could it be a year, two years or more?


You’ll be surprised that car window tinting will last up-to 5 years. However, some window tints from well known brands can last up-to 10 years.

You might be questioning yourself with regards to the “up-to” figure right?

What if my window tint lasts for a shorter amount of time?

My advice to you is simple. Pick a well known brand and choose a local company to you that’s received great reviews! Not just a few good reviews…

You want at least 10 GREAT 4 or more star reviews and this is because your money is the most important thing that you have, you don’t want to waste it do you?

Window Tinting Laws In The UK

Here in the UK you won’t find too much government information online about car window tinting and that’s likely because the government aren’t too keen on you tinting your car’s windows.

Even if there are a number of benefits that window tinting offers.

The law states the following:

Vehicles First Used On 1st April 1985 Or Later

  • Your front windows must let at least 75% of light through and the front side windows must let at least 70% of light through them.

Vehicles First Used Before 1st April 1985

  • The front windscreen and front side windows must both let at least 70% of light through them.

Great right?

You’ll be pleased that there’s no law on the rear windows. This is likely where you’re going to be applying your window tint. I wouldn’t recommend applying window tinting to the front windows.

It simply just doesn’t look great, that’s my opinion – it might look better on your car!

You might be going all out with modifying your car and are a keen car person, in which case awesome!

Some cars actually will suit both tinted front windows and tinted rear windows such as Range Rovers for instance.

Have you noticed that these cars tend to have their windows tinted more than other cars? I know, it’s just a thing that I’ve noticed as well.

If you don’t follow the correct laws in your country regarding window tinting then be prepared for a heavy fine – check with your country first to find out what the laws actually are.

Car Window Tinting Film

There are many types of window tinting films that you can choose from and they’re all applied in roughly the same way right.

You just apply the film to the car’s window and hope that it’ll stick and last for those 5 years and everything will be golden!

Unfortunately, this just isn’t the case – planning on putting the tinting film onto your windows yourself?

I wouldn’t recommend it. Get a professional to do it for you, search for “car window tinting near me” in a search engine to find local companies.

How Much Does Car Window Tinting Cost?

I recently phoned up a window tinting company based in Cardiff, South Wales. I found that for a Range Rover Sport – to tint all of the rear windows (not the front windows) and the rear window would take around 4 hours and would cost me around £300.

The company I got a quote from were well reviewed and deal with some expensive exotic cars and luxury cars from the likes of Bently, Rolls Royce and some cheaper car brands.

I’m sure if you give a company a call – they’ll give you a quote over the phone.

You live in a modern society whereby technology is in your favour. If you got your car windows tinted and weren’t happy with the result, you’d be giving them a bad review online and the company in question would likely not survive.

That’s what you would do isn’t it?

So they’d best do a good job.

Why You Might Not Want To Tint Your Windows

Great, so you’re still wondering whether car window tinting is worth it and I’ve covered a lot of content so far on this car topic.

But there could be a few reasons why you might NOT want to tint your car windows, although personally I believe it’s a great way to protect your car, and make your car look even better!

However, if you’re still interested in knowing some reasons why you might not want, then read on:

  1. It could be illegal in your country.
  2. It can restrict your vision.
  3. It’ll draw attention to your car.
  4. It might increase your car insurance.
  5. It obstructs rescue and police personnel.