The 2021 Ultimate Guide To Car Seat Covers

Have you been searching online recently for car seat covers? Have you been wondering what the best car seat cover is and how to go about buying one? In this guide, we’re going to look at what a car seat cover is, and how to buy one with confidence!


A little bit about what a car seat cover actually is, or, vehicle seat covers if that’s how you’d prefer to pronounce it.

Car seat covers are an accessory for your new or used car that fix to your car seat to prevent your seats from getting dirty and wearing as quickly as they might normally wear.

We’ve all just gotten into our BRAND NEW car and have started seeing signs of fatigue in the quality of fabric or leather within weeks of driving, and wondered…

How can I protect my car seats?

A more in-depth look into Vehicle Seat Covers

We drive around in our cars a lot, and I don’t know about you, but personally, I’d like to keep my vehicle looking great and prevent giving myself back ache, or, I might just want my car to look better if I haven’t chosen that super expensive leather option.

This is where vehicle seat covers can make your car look great!

Why do you need a car seat cover?

There are many reasons why you might need a car seat cover, let’s deep-dive into these reasons and find out whether one of these reasons applies to you:

1. Car seats are hard to keep clean!

The first point in our list, is that car seats are pretty difficult to keep clean, and this is almost certainly true if you have dogs, and we’ll be taking a little look at dog seat covers a little bit shortly…

When a car is made from the factory, and you hop into it, or if you’re purchasing a car from someone you know, it would’ve hopefully have been kept clean and tidy, and hopefully will smell great…

And then you come along…

And then through no fault of your own, the daily commute, or weekly grocery shopping, week after week leaves your car seats getting ever so more dirty!

Luckily, with a car seat cover, you can take them off, throw them into the washing, and it’ll be ready to put back into your car in no time!

It’s quick, and convenient!

2. It’ll save you money in the long run

Car seats are expensive to replace, and when you’re planning on selling your car on, or handing it back if you’re on a PCP or HP finance agreement, those stains on your car seats aren’t going to come out easily, and might even cost you.

No dealership is going to thank you for giving the car back if they spot those dirty dog paw marks, or ripped upholstery, or coffee stains when you decided to drive through the Starbucks Drive-Thru and accidentally split your coffee whilst faffing with your spare change!

3. You just want your car seats to look great!

As I mentioned a little earlier in this blog post, sometimes we don’t have the cash or the luxury of choosing what our vehicle seats look like, and that’s why car seat covers can make your car look so much better, and save you a lot of money, they come in all different styles and colours, black, white, ones with patterns, ones with different textures, and for a little extra cost, you can get ones that are made of leather!

Dog seat covers for your car


Do you own a pet?

Do you own a dog?


This is a big one! dogs (whether small or large dogs) can do havoc with your car seats! And that’s why we thought it would be beneficial to mention about dog seat covers for your car in this blog post.

I’ve been the proud owner of a pet in the past, his name was Buster, a black Labrador Retriever… we used to love going on long walks, and whenever we went out as a family in the car to places where there were rivers, he’d jump out of the car with some force, and eventually come back and jump in, leaving dog marks all over the seats, leaving the existing leather in our car pretty dirty…

I’d spend hours of time trying to get the car seats clean, so I decided to invest in some dog seat covers not knowing whether it would be worth it!

It turns out, it was absolutely worth it, they were so easy to fit, and were easy to take off, clean, and air-out leaving them fresh afterwards!

How to search for the best car seat cover?

If you’re currently reading this and are wondering how to search for the best car seat cover… then look no more, here’s some quick tips on searching for the best car seat cover:

The Price

The price of a car seat cover is likely going to be everyone’s main priority, they can range anywhere from £10, rising up-to (and beyond) £50!

  • We recommend spending around £20 for a Car Seat Cover

The Reviews

Do you ever read reviews when searching for a product to purchase online? I sure do! Reading online reviews on car seat covers helped me when I was trying to purchase a dog seat cover for my black Labrador…

I spent hours after work each day trying to read reviews online, and here’s my TOP tip when searching for car seat covers online:

Top Tip: search by lowest reviews first… why? Because some people out there might just give a product a low review purely for it being a different colour, this doesn’t mean that there’s anything technically wrong with the product or the way that it functions.

Reviews typically come first when I’m searching for a product, and I’d always go with a product that at least has upwards of 4 stars!

The Vendor (company you’re buying from)

When you’re searching online for car seat covers, try searching on well known e-commerce websites, you could go directly to a car or automotive website, but you’re much more likely to find what you’re looking for on a well known shopping site.

If you’re still wondering how to search for the best car seat cover, here’s a few more points to consider:

Do car seat covers look good?

Absolutely! Car seat covers can make your car look better, and will almost certainly offer a protective element to them! They’ll improve the overall look, and will ultimately increase the resale value of your car should you decide to sell it later down the line (for used cars).

Or, will prevent you from loosing money when giving your car back if you’re on a PCP or HP conract.

Will a universal seat cover fit my car?

Typically, vehicle seat covers have spent a lot of time in the testing phase during manufacturing, this likely means that universal seat covers will fit your car without a problem.

Tips to make your car seat covers fit better

To ensure that your car seat covers fit the best that they can do, try to remove the headrests if possible this should make fitting the back part of your seat cover a lot easier!

Afterwards, you’ll be able to slip the cover over the back seat! Car covers are typically meant to be universal, so doing this shouldn’t be too much of a problem…

If it is a problem… you might just have to improvise a little bit to get them to fit.

Next, secure the loops and the hooks!

Mark and cut the headrest holes and then finally, you can replace your headrests!

By doing this, you should make it a little bit easier to install car seat covers and make them fit better.

And that’s it for our 2021 ultimate guide to car seat covers!

We’ve covered a lot in this Car Topic, and hope that you enjoyed! We’ll be sure to update this guide in the future if we identify some new changes and new tips, so be sure to check back again soon if you found it helpful, and we’ll catch you again in the next blog post!

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