The Best Car Battery Jump Starter To Purchase: Review!

best car battery jump starter

You’re in the middle of nowhere, or on a camping trip and your car’s battery has gone flat or your car simply won’t start!

You’re at home, parked on your driveway and are struggling to start your car, you haven’t got any breakdown cover and need to get your car jump started.

These are two of the most inconvenient situations to be in right? I’ve been there, and it’s a frustrating and timely problem to deal with. You could even be late for a work meeting and now have to wait an hour for the breakdown recovery to come and fix the problem!

Not only is breakdown cover expensive, but for the sake of jump starting your car’s flat battery you could benefit from purchasing a car battery jump starter.

What Is A Car Battery Jump Starter?

If you’re wondering what a car battery jump starter actually is, it’s a portable battery unit that you can carry around with you that allows you to jump start your car without the need of complicated jump starter cables or jump leads.

They’re affordable and convenient, and in this blog post, I’m going to tell you the best car battery jump starter to buy and what my review is on each one.

The Best Overall Car Battery Jump Starter – NOCO Boost XL GB50 1500 Amp Battery Jump Starter

  • Engines Up-To: 7L
  • Amps: 1,500
  • Warranty: 1 Year

The NOCO Boost XL Battery Jump Starter is a great overall battery starter. I actually own one of these so can personally recommend this to you!

Whether you’re stuck on the side of the road, or haven’t left your house, this battery jump starter will get your car’s flat battery started again in no time.

Us humans don’t have much time, we’re busy, we’ve got chores to do and just want something that we can charge up – we might not even use it for a few months and want the product to be ready, charged to start in any condition.

You want a battery jump starter that is reliable and from a brand that is trusted, time after time right?

What You’ll Love:

  • Size – thanks to the compact size of this car battery jump starter you won’t need to go far in your car to find somewhere to store it.
  • Features – if you’re unsure how to jump start a car, you might forget what cable to connect to each of your battery’s terminals, thanks to the safety protection of this jump starter it will actually tell you if you’ve got it connected correctly!
  • Design – the design of this battery jump starter is like no other, they’re often ugly and built poorly, luckily you’ll love the design of the NOCO Boost XL!

You Might Not Like:

  • Price – despite being a super affordable jump starter, you might find this to be on the expensive side, but I can tell you that you’re getting a lot for your money here and you can always return the item if you’re not satisfied.
  • Short Cables – the integrated jump leads might be a little short depending on where your car’s battery is located!

Whatever the case, the NOCO XL is able to start engines up-to 7L for petrol engines!

Do you have a diesel engine?

The NOCO XL will be able to start engines up-to 4.5L making it extremely practical regardless of your car’s fuel type.

Furthermore, often when deciding what car battery jump starter to purchase we might wonder whether you’re getting enough value…


In addition to being able to jump start your car without the need for complicated and expensive breakdown cover, you’ll get an integrated high quality LED, the ability to charge your smartphone via USB and some other great safety features!

Safety should be considered in everyone’s purchase right?

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The Best Budget Jump Starter – Oasser Portable Car Jump Starter

  • Engines Up-To: 7L
  • Amps: 1,000
  • Charge Time: 5 hours

I really liked the Oasser Portable Car Jump Starter, after digging into the product, despite the odd brand name and slightly lower review count, I found the product is packed with features.

I’m not really keen on the colour of the jump starter, but this is personal preference more than anything so don’t be put off by my opinion.

Like the NOCO, the Oasser is able to alert you of whether you’ve made the correct connections to your car’s flat battery – useful if you’re a beginner and aren’t sure whether it’s connected safely.

Concerned with the number of times it can jump start your car? Most car berry jump starters are able to jump start a car many times, 5 times, 10 times…

The Oasser Jump Starter can jump start your car up-to 20 times making it an affordable jump starter to get up and running with!

What You’ll Love:

  • Multi-Function – you’re able to charge up your smartphone and tablets thanks to the integrated 15,000mAh battery
  • Engine Size – you’ll love that you can jump start a flat battery up-to 7L for petrol cars, or up-to 5L for diesel vehicles.
  • Customer Service – Oasser claim that they’ve got great customer service, and I believe that this is a strong consideration when buying anything online, you want peace of mind with whatever you’re purchasing right?

You Might Not Like:

  • Reviews – the reviews of this product are lower than our best overall battery jump starter, but I found that the reviews in question tend to be around the brand overall.
  • Provided Cables – the photos of the product are great! But I question the quality of some of the provided cables that comes with the Oasser
  • LED Status Lights – with any jump starter you want to know that the device is operating correctly, and I felt that the status lights on this product aren’t as varied as some.

If you can get over the few negatives about this product, given the price tag, it’s a great budget battery jump starter and I’d recommend it to those on a budget or with a smaller engine.

Just because a car battery jump starter states that it can jump start a flat battery up-to X, it doesn’t mean that you should.

Try to purchase a jump starter that has enough power to get your flat battery going again and have enough left over, just in case you can’t charge it anywhere anytime soon.

Luckily, with this product, it’ll be charged in around 5 hours and ready to go again.

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The Best Runner Up –  UTRAI Car Jump Starter

  • Engines Up-To: 8L
  • Amps: 2,000 (peak)
  • Number of Jump Starts: up-to 25

In Car Topic’s review of the best car battery jump starters to purchase I’m including the best runner up from the company UTRAI.

And despite the name, don’t be fooled.

This battery jump starter is able to start some of the flattest of flattest batteries, including yours!


Well, thanks to it’s up-to 8L engine size compatibility, and up-to 25 jump starts figure it’s sure to get your car jump started with ease.

What You’ll Love:

  • Engine Size – this jump starter supports engine sizes up-to 8L.
  • Number of starts – whether you’re stuck at home with a flat battery, trying to get your car started during the winter, or in a remote location, on a single charge you’ll get up-to 25 jump starts making it really versatile.
  • Power Bank – need some extra juice for your smartphone to let your boss know that you’ll be a little late for that conference meeting? The UTRAI holds the capacity of arouns 22,000mAh with USB C connectivity.

You Might Not Like:

  • The Brand – Yeah, I know, I had the same concern with this, the brand confused me and I felt as if my money was going to be wasted, but luckily the product reviews really helped reinforce my decision to buy this.
  • Chunky Jump Leads – When I looked at this product, compared to the NOCO Jump Starter the battery leads looked quite chunky, and this might not be to everyone’s taste, luckily though it’s a personal preference thing.

I’ve looked at many car battery jump starters recently and have found it to be a mixed battlefield with many brands trying to compete for the top spots on many websites.

If you’re still with me through this review, have you checked out my post on actually jump starting your car?

Jump starting a car can be a daunting experience, especially if you’re not sure what jump leads to connect to the battery terminals.

That’s why my post will help you out on this topic!

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The Best Car Battery Jump Starter Under £100 – Arteck 900A Peak Car Jump Starter

  • Engines Up-To: &L
  • Amps: 900 (peak)
  • Charge Time: 4 hours

The Arteck Jump Starter is the best battery jump starter under £100.


Not only is the number of reviews extremely good but the quality and overall feature set is really good. Most battery jump starters come with a LED emergency light, and whilst this is great, they often aren’t they good in terms of the hours that they can run for.

The Arteck is able to run for well over 100 hours of continuous light output from it’s onboard LED light.

It contains a SOS feature allowing you to emit an emergency signal if your car’s battery is fine but you’ve broken down somewhere such as a country road in the middle of the night.

Or during those short daylight hour days during the winter.

What You’ll Love:

  • LED SOS Light – emit a SOS signal if you’re stuck.
  • Design – the design of this jump starter is great, it’s been designed really well, a lot of thought has been put into the design side of things which is a nice touch.
  • Reviews – need a trusted battery starter? Read the reviews, or just take it from me that this is a premium, affordable product.

You Might Not Like:

  • Features – unlike rivals, you’re not going to be getting every feature with this product, it’s simple and to the point.

Coming into our review at under £100 makes this battery jump starter ideal for those on a budget.

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How Do I Connect Jump Leads To My Car’s Battery?

If you’re unsure how to jump start, I’ve written an article on this subject, but to cover the critical important steps to connecting jump leads I’ll attach those here:

  1. Firstly, position the car that’s going to be jump starting your car in front of your car with the flat battery.
  2. Next, make sure that both of the cars are initially switched off, this is important when you’re connecting the jump leads to the car batteries.
  3. Next, take one end of the red lead, and go ahead and connect it to the positive terminal of your car, connect the other end to the positive terminal of the booster’s car. Your leads shouldn’t touch any metal!
  4. Then, take one end of the black lead, and connect it to the negative terminal of the booster’s car, and the other end of the black lead to some metal or a bolt of your car – as far away from your flat battery as possible!
  5. Afterwards, make sure the connections are secure and double – triple check, you can then go ahead and start the engine of the booster’s car, that’s the car with the working battery that’s jump starting your car.
  6. You should leave them connected for around 5 – 10 minutes to allow enough charge to build up in your flat battery, if it’s a nice summer’s day, you might be able to get away with slightly less time.
  7. Finally, go ahead and try starting your car! If all is successful, your car should start. You’ll want to keep your car’s engine running and if possible, take it for a drive!