The Best Car Seat Covers For 2021 Review

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So, you’re looking for a car seat cover right? And you aren’t quite sure where to begin…

Car seat covers keep your car’s interior from getting dirty and prevents stains, mess and improves the re-sale value of your car in the future.

Most online reviews of car seat covers or online reviews in general tend to not focus on the negatives of products and try to convince you that something is the best!

Here at Car Topics, I’m going to tell you what we love, and what we don’t love about these car seat covers in this review and will give you transparency throughout.

We recently released an article on the Ultimate Guide to Car Seat covers where we cover a more in-depth look at car seat covers, and in this article we’re going to review car seat covers covering the following:

  • The best overall car seat cover for all purposes including if you’ve got a dog!
  • The best budget seat cover if you’re on a budget and don’t have much to spend
  • The runner up, we thought this would be appropriate if the first two don’t fit into your needs.
  • And finally, the best under £10

Let’s dive into these now…

The Best Overall Dog Car Seat Cover For 2021 If You Have A Dog – AMZPET Dog Car Seat Cover

What we love

  • It’s waterproof, meaning you’ll keep your car clean and dry!
  • It’s durable, it has many uses and will last a long time.
  • It fits into a great price bracket for the best overall car seat cover.

What we don’t like

  • We feel that the limited colour choices might not suit everyone’s taste.
  • The texture of the seat cover might allow your dog’s paws to get caught in between the seams in the long term.
  • It might be a little complicated to install for beginners.

Being a past dog owner myself, I know exactly what it’s like to take your dog out in the car, go to a nice park or lake and have some fun!

Your dog goes out, runs around, jumps into the river and comes back all dirty and messy, not only is there dirty paw prints involved, but there’s water involved!

So that’s why the AMZPET Dog Car Seat cover made it into this list for the best overall dog car seat cover. It’s waterproof, easy to fit, and comes with multiple different uses!

Buy it here

The Best Budget Car Seat Cover – CAR PASS Rainbow Ethnic Style Universal

What we love

  • That you get two in the pack making it great value!
  • The colour and style of the seat covers.
  • They’re universal, they’ll fit most cars.

What we don’t like

  • We’re not a fan of the texture of these covers, they might not be to everyone’s taste.
  • Not waterproof
  • Likely will need replacing after a few years.

If you’re on a budget, we liked the general value that you get with these car seat covers, they come in a pack of two, and fit the front seats of your car.

You’re likely not going to choose these car seat covers if you’re looking for long term durability, but they are our budget choice after all.

This doesn’t mean that they’re bad, they’ve got colour and style, and are universal, and this is key to picking a vehicle seat cover and making sure that you get the most value out of them for the longest period of time possible right?

It should only be fair to say that you get what you pay for.

However, if I was on a tight budget but still wanted to keep my car in great condition, I’d go for these for sure!

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The Best Runner Up – Universal Seat Cover

What we love

  • It’s affordable, coming in at just under £25
  • Scratch Proof! Do you own a pet? It’ll protect your car from seat scratches that your dog might do!
  • Contains some storage pockets so that you can keep handy items in them on your travels.

What we don’t like

  • It’s quite large, it will need to stretch across both of your back car seats.
  • The straps hang from your car’s roof grab handles.
  • Cleaning could be difficult.

Just like our car seat cover earlier that’s suitable for dogs, so is this one! It’s suitable for dogs so you’ll be able to bring your best friend with you without worrying about spoiling your car seats.

Unlike some of the other covers in this article, this one is quite large, taking up the width of your car’s back seats making it difficult to fit as you’ll need access to both sides of your car (we don’t all have this luxury if parked next to another car!)

However, besides this, it’s a non-branded universal car seat cover meaning despite being somewhat hard to fit, it will fit most modern, new and used cars.

We also like the colour and use of storage pockets. More often than not car storage might me a bit compromised from a car seat cover as they will prevent you from using your car’s centre arm rest, and even some of the storage pockets on the back of your car’s front seats.

(if your car has these)

The orange stripe around the edges compliment the covers really well, as does the texture on these.

You’ll even get a 1 year warranty, and customer satisfaction guarantee with these covers.

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The Best Car Seat Cover Under £15 – Frostfire Car Seat Cover

What we love

  • The price, it’s really affordable coming in at just under £15.
  • Suitable for 4×4’s and MPVs.
  • Heavyweight material, durable and strong!

What we don’t like

  • The boring black, single colour.
  • Not really suitable for dogs.
  • No texture, not very stylish.

We’ve covered quite a few car seat covers already, and wanted to get one of the best car seat covers under £15, our review of this one is quite simple…

Do you need something affordable?

Do you need a car seat cover quick?

Then this likely will be suitable for you for a short-period of time, especially if you’re not planning on keeping your car for very long, or have an older car where you’re not too fussed about the upkeep.

We thought that the brand was quite unique, and haven’t found there to be anything technically wrong with this product, other than its limiting features and potential durability concern for the long-term.

Do you own a pet? Unless you’ve got a pet snake or something similar, we wouldn’t advise purchasing this one if you’ve got a dog or a cat as it’s likely to end up pretty messed up pretty quickly. However, if you’re on a super tight budget, then it should for sure be okay, take a look at it here.

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