What Is The Best Hose Pipe To Buy For Cleaning Car Mats?

cleaning car mats

You are trying to find the best hosepipe to buy to wash your car mats right?

There are many different hose pipes and different choices that you can go for when you want to clean your car mats and choosing the right one is essential to keep you motivated.

You’ve got a busy life, and aren’t really that fussed about cleaning car mats but you thought that one Sunday afternoon you’d give it a go!

Not only will a good quality hose pipe last for years to come it will make it easier for cleaning your car as well as your car mats. But what one should you buy?

I’ll guide you through each of my recommendations below for purchasing one!

The Best Overall Hose Pipe To Clean Car Mats – Prohoze 100ft Expandable Hose Pipe

  • Length: 100ft
  • Colour: Black
  • Has Multi-Function: Yes

You need a hose pipe that is compact and durable right? Hose pipes go through a lot on their lifespan, they get thrown around, dragged across the floor, dirty and might even get a few irreversible kinks in them from time to time.

That’s why you need a hose pipe for cleaning car mats that will motivate you – not exhaust you when it’s time to put the hose pipe away right?


  • Length – I’ve tried many hose pipes before 10ft, 20ft 25ft and closer to 30ft, I often find that they’re stretched and overworked, with the Prohoze, you’ll get a single 100ft pipe stretching to the furthest part of your home or garden.
  • Expandable – unlike most hose pipes, you’ll love this hose pipe when it comes to cleaning car mats because it folds away. What do I mean? It grows as water runs through it and expands up-to that 100ft.
  • Affordableyou need a hose pipe that is affordable when cleaning car mats because otherwise it won’t seem enjoyable in the long run having to keep spending large amounts of money on car cleaning equipment right?


  • Durability – despite being the best overall hose pipe for cleaning car mats, it certainly doesn’t come without problems – it might not last more than a few years.
  • Tangles – even though the expandability is great you will need to be careful how you fold it back up and where you store it to prevent tangles. 

Cleaning car mats can take some time, and that’s why you need a hose pipe that can get the job done quickly and efficiently!

If you can get over the few cons of the Prozone hose pipe, it’s a great overall hose pipe!

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The Best Budget Hose Pipe For Cleaning Car Mats – Garden Gear Easy Hose

  • Length: 50ft
  • Colour: Grey
  • Has Multi-Function: Yes

Choosing a hose pipe for cleaning car mats shouldn’t be hard right? That’s the exact reason why I’m helping you through this process.

If you’re on a budget and have got under £40 to spend, then the Garden Gear Easy Hose is the right hose pipe for you given its compact size, colour and multi-function spray attachment.


  • Easy – you need a hose pipe that’s going to be easy to use, it should be easy to use right? I mean, it’s just a hose pipe!
  • Durable – unlike a hose pipe that expands, the Garden Gear hose pipe doesn’t expand, and it doesn’t need to! It’s a traditional solid and flexible pipe making it easy for you to get up and running.
  • Length – I mentioned the Prohoze being 100ft, but do you really need that much? You might not, in which case you can clean your car mats with a 50ft hose pipe as you’re able to take the car mats out of your car!


  • Material – you might not like the stainless steel material provided by the Garden Gear hose pipe, it could attract rust in the future.
  • Adapters – there’s a limited number of adapters available with the hose pipe.
  • Reviews – you know exactly what I’m going to say here, read the reviews if you don’t trust what I’m saying, but overall for the best budget, this hose pipe is great – but you might not think so!

Do you have rubber car mats?


This hose pipe will suit you far better than the longer 100ft hose pipe.

However, the 100ft hose pipe will be a great choice in comparison to this hose pipe for cleaning car mats if you plan on also washing your car.

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The Best Runner Up – GARDENA Wall-Mounted Hose Box 15m

  • Length: 15m
  • Colour: Grey and Green
  • Has Multi-Function: Yes

You will LOVE this hose pipe because of its automatic roll up feature!

That’s so cool right? You are taking the hard work out of cleaning your car mats and your car (if you decide to do that at the same time).

I enjoy cleaning my car as much as I enjoy cleaning my car mats, but that might just be me, and if it is, you aren’t going to find the setup and take down very enjoyable.

I get it, I feel you, you hate having to roll up a hose pipe after you’ve used it, and that’s one of the very reasons you will really like this hose pipe because it comes with an automatic roll up feature…


  • Automatic – the GARDENA hose pipe comes with an automatic roll up feature to roll your hose pipe up once you’re done.
  • Length – you will like that this hose pipe is compact at only 15m.
  • Convenient – once mounted to the wall, you won’t have to worry about hose pipes everywhere!


  • It’s Fixed – unfortunately, having convenience requires you to make some sacrifices elsewhere, and in this case it’s with the portability, think carefully about where you mount it as once it’s in place, it will be annoying to remove.
  • Length – I know I’ve just said that this is a pro, but, it can be a negative point as well as if you really get into the car cleaning, you’ll likely need a longer hose pipe at some point.
  • A Little Expensive – you will need to be budgeting around £100 for this hose pipe, this might seem like a lot, but what you’re really paying for is convenience aren’t you.

Not only this, but you will also like the clean design of this hose pipe – not that the design matters that much when you’re cleaning car mats right?

It’s not as if you’re going to be admiring your wonderful hose pipe attached to the side of your house, but, each to their own if you do!

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The Best Hose Pipe For Cleaning Car Mats Under £30 – RedZone 100ft/150ft Stretch Magic Expandable Hose Pipe

  • Length: 100ft/150ft
  • Colour: Black
  • Has Multi-Function: Yes

Sound familiar? I covered a similar hose pipe earlier on for cleaning car mats, a hose pipe from Prohoze, and it almost looks identical to the RedZone hose pipe.

I can assure you, it’s not and they are different.

Are you on a tight budget? If you’re not able to budget around £30 you’re likely going to struggle with finding a suitable hose pipe.


  • Length – the length of the RedZone hose pipe comes in at around 100ft, but can expand up to 3x the size of itself.
  • Lightweight – when cleaning car mats you want a hose pipe that’s not going to take a strain on your back, you’ll be all over the floor, bending down, moving around quickly, especially with rubber car mats.
  • Affordable – it’s extremely affordable if you’re on a budget.


  • Durability – like most expandable hose pipes they all suffer from similar durability concerns, and it’s a real problem, make sure to be careful!
  • Attachment Handle – the handle of the attachment is a little flimsy, you would’ve seen better, and there are worse, but for the budget, it’s okay.
  • Threads – the thread on the fittings can get worn out quickly if you don’t take care when screwing onto a tap, I would’ve liked to see this be slightly better.

Looking for a hose pipe to clean car mats that will simply get the job done?

Sweet, then we’re on the same level with this one as the RedZone hose pipe is efficient and easy to use!

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How Do I Clean My Car Mats?

Cleaning car mats could be a new thing for you even though it sounds like a simple exercise to complete.

But for many people they’re unsure of exactly how to clean car mats whether they’re fabric floor mats or rubber mats.

This is why I’ve written an entire beginner’s guide to cleaning your car mats on the car topics blog to help you out and I highly recommend giving that a read if you’re new.


If you want a quick run down on the process, check below:

The Process

  1. First you need to prepare your car mats for cleaning them, this will involve getting all of the required equipment ready including a good quality hose pipe.
  2. Next you’ll need to vacuum your car mats to remove debris and dirt.
  3. Then you need to shake your car mats out, you cou;d do this prior to giving them a good vacuum, but it’s not really required at this stage, this can come next.
  4. And finally, you will need to clean the mats and allow them time to dry.