Can I Take My Driving Test In My Own Car?

You’re learning to drive and have been taking driving lessons in a car that you’ve bought.

You’re working really hard to prepare yourself for the test and have asked yourself: “Can I Take My Driving Test In My Own Car?”

You might not have considered this question up until this point because you’ve been focussing on the main subject – that is to learn to driver with your experienced driving instructor or with family…

So today, I’l going to tell you what you need to know about taking your driving test in your own car and together, we can help you feel a lot more confident.

Driving Test Car Requirements

There are some requirements that you need to make sure that your car can meet before it’s considered safe to take onto a test.

Your car must be:

  • Taxed.
  • Have no warning lights showing, and this does include a fuel light as well.
  • Smoke-Free – this doesn’t mean smoking in your car before or after your driving test.
  • Have a valid MOT certificate if it’s over 3 years old, your car must be roadworthy.
  • Insured for your test, you’ll sign a form at the beginning just before the driving test to confirm that your car is insured for the test.
  • Free from any tyre damage – no space saver wheel is allowed.
  • Able to reach 62mph and have a way of showing this through a speedometer that reads in mph.
  • Have 4 wheels – no 3 wheelers are allowed here!

These requirements make it crystal clear what you will require to take the test in your own car.


You might be thinking to yourself that you’ve gone and bought an old, used car and have had a warning light on for a while, or even a warning light has illuminated on the day of the test.

Unfortunately, if this happens and you don’t know what the problem is, you’ll likely be unable to take your test, and this will knock your confidence.

Don’t worry, there’s always more practicing that can be done before you take your driving test to make sure you’re 110% ready!

Are There Any Cars I Can’t Take My Test In?

Regardless of whether you’ve got a newer car, or an older car there are indeed some cars that you won’t be able to take your driving test in – sad times.

If you own one of the following cars, you won’t be able to take your driving test:

  • Toyota iQ
  • VW Beetle Convertible
  • BMW Mini Convertible
  • Ford KA Convertible

Do you notice the pattern going on with those cars?

They’re all convertibles, so I would advise against purchasing a convertible and taking a convertible car onto your driving test.

In addition to this, you might own a car that’s had a recent fault and has been recalled…

If this is the case, you will be required to prove that your car’s recall has been resolved! So don’t forget to bring the receipts and paperwork for this if this is the case.

Nobody likes their car to have a potentially dangerous fault that requires it to be recalled, it’s a scary moment, especially if you’re about to take your driving test in a couple of days and you find out about this!

My advice to you is to check on the government website here in the UK first, head over to this link to check what cars might’ve been recalled.

Preparing My Car For A Driving Test

The next thing for you to look at if you’re going to take your driving test in your own car is the equipment fitted…

What do I mean by this?

You’ll need to make some modifications and adjustments to your car so that its ready.

You’ll need to:

  • Install an extra interior rear-view mirror – this is likely going to be done by the driving test examiner so don’t worry.
  • Make sure that your front passenger seat has a proper head restraint and seat belt – you don’t want the examiner getting hurt.
  • Turn off any dash cam that records audio or any other device that can record audio – your phone included, maybe leave it at the test centre!
  • Make sure your car has L Plates fitted – the obvious one.

If you’ve been practicing for a while and are a well prepared person, you’ve probably already have done the above to prepare your car for the test.

But that’s only if you’re taking your car on the driving test, what if you’ve been learning to drive in a driving test car?

Which Car To Choose For The Test?

Choosing a car for the driving test might seem like a no-brainer, you’ve got a car so use that right?


You want to take your test in the car that you’ve practised in the most – and this doesn’t mean by a few minutes extra in one car compared to another.

The reason you want to take your driving test in the car that you’ve practised in the most is simple…

You’ll feel more confident and safe, you’re more familiar with the car controls and this could give you an advantage by the time you come to the “Show Me, Tell Me” questions which will happen on your driving test,

Have You Practised Before Your Driving Test?

When I took my test back in 2016, I spent an hour with my driving instructor just before the test practicing a few of my weaker areas of driving.

But this isn’t to say that you should too! 

Sure, you’ll want to practise a few driving manoeuvres that you might not be fully confident in, but you don’t have to!

Some people might get overwhelmed or mess up on practising a certain manoeuvre prior to taking the test and then you go in feeling all panicky about it.

You might be better off just doing some general driving and going over some of the “Show Me, Tell Me” questions first, as well as some question and answers and knowledge testing.

Whatever happens though on the driving test can be improved upon. Even if you pass, we’re all still improving our driving in one way or another.

Don’t let your car be the reason to doubt yourself.