Cheap Tyres VS Expensive Tyres: What’s Better?

cheap tyres vs expensive tyres

So, you’re looking to compare cheap tyres with a more expensive tyre and are wondering what the difference is?

You might think that simply purchasing any car tyre will be sufficient enough, but when it comes to tyres, it really does matter!

Your car’s tyres are the only thing keeping you on the road, so it’s important to make sure that your tyres are in excellent condition!

Should I Pay More For Expensive Tyres?

If you’re looking for the simple answer…


You absolutely should. If you thought that creating tyres was as simple as mixing a few liquids together in a mould and letting it harden, you’d be wrong.

Manufacturing tyres for our economy is a multi million pound industry, tyres don’t come cheap, and a lot of time is put into making them!

Why Are Expensive Tyres Better Than Cheap Tyres?

If we’re comparing apples with apples, then like for like with tyres – more expensive tyres are likely to be better.

By how much will greatly depend on the tyre manufacture, but some claim to be up-to 50% better!

Since tyres are the only thing keeping you stuck to the road you want to make sure that they’re in excellent condition.

This includes making sure that your tyres have got the correct tread depth, and aren’t worn unevenly.

The last thing you want is for your car to come unstuck from the road when going around a corner.

Speaking of which, when you’re cornering in your car, this will be where more expensive tyres really shine their light!

Should I Go With Cheap Tyres Instead?

Much like what I mentioned about expensive tyres, you don’t want to cheap out on cheap tyres.

Cheap tyres tend to be either partly worn, meaning that they’re being sold cheaper because they’ve already been used.

This is a no go, you don’t want to be cutting corners with these.

But I’m On A Budget

There is a difference when it comes to choosing a budget tyre over a cheap tyre.

You can absolutely go for a budget tyre when compared with a cheap tyre, I recommend spending between £60 and £80 when it comes to choosing a budget tyre.

Choosing The Right Car Tyre?

Whether you’re on a budget or are looking for an expensive car tyre…

Ask yourself…

What kind of driving do you do?

If you’re a keen motorist who loves to take your car out for a mountain drive, then a more expensive car tyre will likely suit your circumstance.


Because you’ll be driving around a lot of bends which will require that extra grip from a more expensive tyre.

Otherwise, just stick with a budget tyre, but certainly not a cheap one!